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Hunted [Chapter 24]
So here we are, ready to go to our new home. We’re standing in front of the hospital entrance and… wait a minute, our home is a 40 minute walk… I’m healed, but not capable of walking that long. How are we going to get there? We could take a bus… but with the five of us together and almost everyone knowing who we are, that may not be a great idea. Sure, the government accepts us… But the rest of the people might be afraid. But, luckily for me, I don’t have to think about that any longer as I hear Seungri’s voice in an over enthusiastic tone.

“I’ll get the car!” Car? Since when does Seungri own a car? I’m not even sure he has a drivers licence…

“Oh no, you won’t. You don’t have any experience yet!” Jiyong takes Seungri by the arm to hold him back which makes Seungri pout.

“Um, what car?” I ask. I can see Dae is as confused as I am. Youngbae turns around to look at us.

“Oh yeah, you don’t know yet. We got a car, a present from that political guy that helped us.” He says smiling. Seungri is nodding quite hard.
“Follow us.” We walk around the hospital to get to the parking lot. There’s a red van with a lot of seating standing still. The van looks new and rather expensive.

“Wow.” Is the only thing I can say at the moment.

“Yup, neat, isn’t it? I’m learning how to drive and I’m allowed to use the van.” Seungri exclaims. But Ji is quick to temper his excitement.

“We’ve talked about this Riri, you need some experience with a standard car first before you can drive the van.” The stern look Ji’s giving him seems to calm him a bit, but the pout stays on however. Ji sighs and shakes his head.
“Okay, I get it! You can drive, but you better be careful. The moment I think you’re not doing well or it’s getting dangerous, I’m taking over!” I guess even Ji can’t win from Seungri’s pouty face.

“Yeey!!” And Seungri sprints towards the driver side of the van. Taeyang puts his hand into his trousers’ pockets to grab the key. He walks over to Seungri and puts the keys in his hand. We all get in the van. Ji sits next to Seungri, no doubt to correct Seungri when he makes a mistake. Youngbae sits right behind Seungri, Dae’s sitting next to him and I’m behind Ji.
We take off, or at least we try to take off, but Seungri’s driving skill is obviously not that great. We start and stop for at least six times in barely 10 seconds. When we finally start to drive, I’m thinking that taking a bus wasn’t such a bad idea after all…


Not even 20 minutes later we arrive at our destination. I’m fairly nauseous, but I’m sure Youngbae feels worse than I do. He has a slightly green skin colour. Seungri needs to practice, A LOT, preferably without me in the car. Ji however seems somewhat proud.

“Well, that went better than I thought!” Better?!? I’m not sure he’s ever going to be a good driver now… At least we got here in one piece. I look at the building. The red bricks seem brighter than I remember. There are new windows on every floor and the front door is new as well. They clearly got some work done in the last couple of days. It looks good, to be honest. Now I’m curious about the interior. As everyone got out of the van, I start walking towards the house, only to notice my leg hurts slightly.

“You okay, hyung?” Daesung asks, he always notices stuff like this… or it shows on my face, that’s a possibility as well…

“Yeah, my leg just hurts a little, that’s all.” I smile to put him at ease. He smiles back and takes my arm and puts it on his shoulder. The other arm goes around my waist to support me. I mutter a small thanks his way and we all enter the building.

The first thing I notice is that it’s pretty warm inside, I guess the heating’s working then. The hallway doesn’t have any new flooring or wallpaper yet. The doors inside the building are gone, probably to make working easier. The rooms next to the hallway already have a new floor and wallpaper or paint. There’s also a red couch and a stove present.

“Nice colours” I state.

“Yeah, Jiyong picked them. The couch and stove were donated yesterday by an elder couple, to support us – oh yeah, Ji, remind me to send them an invitation when the building’s finished – and the paint we got at a local pawn shop for a very low price. The hallway will be the last room to be decorated again, but the stairway is new.” Youngbae answers. I look at the stairs and indeed, it’s completely different than before. It’s painted in a dark red colour.
“Let’s go upstairs!” I nod, but then I realise It’s going to be hard for me to get to the fourth floor with this leg of mine.

“I’ll carry you on my back, hyung.” There’s Dae again with his mindreading thing. Although I know he’s not really reading my mind, he just notices things. But piggyback riding? On stairs?...

“That’s dangerous, Dae.” I remark, but Dae’s already in position and waiting for me with a determined expression, no room for arguing. So yeah, piggyback riding it is then…

It doesn’t take Dae long to reach the fourth floor, he’s very strong (and obviously in shape). And although it’s clear that this floor didn’t get a make-over, it still looks quite nice. The wallpaper doesn’t look old, there’s enough light and the bathroom next to the stairs is, indeed, renovated a short while ago. The rooms all have doors contrary to the other floors.

“So, we have 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a study on this floor. All rooms have the necessary objects and lighting as well.” Ji points out.
“Youngbae’s room is the smallest since he’s sleeping alone… for now.” The statement made Youngbae blush.
“Riri and I sleep in the room next to the study and you both get the room next to the bathroom… Let’s get some sleep, shall we?” Ji smirks. Seungri is smirking as well… weird. They walk to their own bedrooms but Ji suddenly turns around after a couple of steps.
“Oh, there’s no running water until tomorrow, so no showers yet. The toilet, however, works fine. Good night!” And they all disappear in their rooms, leaving me and Daesung alone in the hallway.

“Okay, that was a bit…” Dae begins

“Weird?” I complete.

“Yeah…” We both look at each other and shrug. Dae opens our room, turns on the light and makes a groaning noise.
“Now I get it…” I’m looking at his back and can’t see the rest of the room.

“Get what?” I ask. He turns around and steps aside. I can see a dim lit room with a double bed standing in the middle of the room.

“There were only four beds available in the thrift shop two days ago. Three of them were singles, one double. Jiyong hyung and Seungri had the double one yesterday. In their room. There were two singles were standing here…” He replies.

“Oh… OOOOHHHH….” Is my answer.
“Jiyong, you devil…” We both walk towards the bed and sit on it, next to each other. I look, from the corner of my eye, at Dae. His face is red. And he has a worried expression. It’s clear what Ji’s (and Seungri’s) intentions are. But I’m not sure about this though….

“Let’s wait…” We say in unison as we both look at each other with both eyes… I laugh slightly and he smiles at me.
“I’m worried about your leg, so… besides the walls are thin. It would be akward.” He explains. I just continue smiling.

“How do you know the walls are thin, you can hear the others talk?” I’m curious.

“No, not just that, hyung.” It’s Dae’s turn to blush.
“Let’s just say that Seungri and Jiyong hyung aren’t always silent… More like… never actually…” Oh, didn’t need to know that… I don’t say anything but I’m sure my mouth forms a perfect ‘o’ shape. Dae can read my face as he turns his head and just nods.

“So, thin… then…” I whisper.



A/N: Oof… Half of this chapter has been on my computer for months now, but I graduated (a degree, finally…), I’m learning to be a teacher and I got a job= no time to write… Next chapter will be the last (dun dun DUUUUUHN)


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