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Hunted [Chapter 25] - Complete
I slept well that night, better since… well, since everything happened. The building is far from finished, but it kinda feels like home somehow. Perhaps because in all this mess, I’ve found the best friends I could ever hope for. We’re the same and yet so different. I also got a boyfriend, the perfect one for me. I still don’t think I deserve him, but Daesung makes sure to remind me that I apparently do.

It’s like, and this is going to sound weird, it’s good that everything happened the way it did. If my parents didn’t let those people experiment on me, I wouldn’t have met them. If my teacher didn’t buy me that cake, I wouldn’t have met them. If those people weren’t the worst people and didn’t lock us up, I wouldn’t have met them. And so on…

I’m not saying that I’m glad it all happened, and who knows how others like us are doing, but at least something good came out of it. This building for instance, we can go to college, Dae’s talking with his mother, Yongbae’s trying to talk to his, we’ve got electricity, hot water, our own beds… well, I mean, I share one, not that I mind…

Not in the least to be honest… One night, not long after we arrived here, Ji had enough with the silent life and decided to go to a night club, Seungri went with him, of course. Yongbae had late night classes at the university and would join them later. So we had the entire building just for the two of us. We weren’t really aware of that fact. Dae and I just watched a movie on the new TV he got from his mom, when he got chilly all of a sudden. Dae never gets cold, but with no heating… He got up from the sofa to search for a sweater or hoodie, when I heard him laughing.

Apparently he grabbed the first hoodie he could find and it turned out to be Seungri’s. In its pockets Dae found at least 10 condoms, all strawberry flavoured. Obviously Ji’s favourite. Without giving it a second thought, Dae opened one to see if it really tastes like strawberry. And that’s the exact point when the playful atmosphere turned into something more. Imagine you waiting for a moment alone with your beloved. It’s finally there and then he opens a condom, awkwardly unrolls it and licks the tip to check the taste. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!? Exactly…

Super speed or not, 2 seconds from living room to bedroom is very fast. It turns out that first times are really clumsy and awkward and all that, but you learn a whole lot as well. It turns out we’re both not that hard to please, probably because it is our first time weird, Dae’s extremely ticklish and likes strawberry flavour as well and our powers can keep us going for hours. The only thing that stopped us was Ji yelling he could find Seungri’s hoodie (yes, that one. The one currently on the ground next to our bed). They got back and sounded very drunk. It was obvious why they needed that particular hoodie as well… We all laughed about it the next day of course.

But where were we? Oh yes, I slept well. From that night on I always sleep well. We’re all taking classes and have part-time jobs, but we were also able to finish the renovation. We’re opening our doors soon… In five minutes to be exact. I feel nervous. The governor is here and there are a whole bunch of people waiting in front of the door. Others like us, reporters with cameras, parents, you name it… And people keep gathering. There are at least two hundred people waiting for these doors to open. 4 minutes left…

We’ve got a recreational room with sofa’s, tables and a TV so people can come in to relax and meet other people. There are a few smaller rooms with a desk and a computer where they can study or talk to counsellors. We used soft colours on the walls, to create a feeling of ease. If the others went through half of what we went through, a save place is what we need. 3 minutes left…

There’s a room filled with ten beds upstairs, for the ones that can’t always go home. It comes with a bathroom and a kitchen. We serve dinner every night. We also provide help when we can. Homework, troubles at home, that sort of stuff. I’m really proud of what we’re going to be able to do here. I can feel Dae, Ji, Seungri and Yongbae standing next to me, ready for the opening. 2 minutes left… oh boy…

“You look nervous.” Dae whispers suddenly, loud enough so the others can hear as well.

“I am.” I admit while I nod once.

“Why?” Seungri asks.

“I… I don’t know.” I sigh, I really don’t know why, I just am. It’s like there a lot of weight falling off my shoulders, but I can’t make out if that’s a good thing or not. I’m probably not used to feeling safe and worriless anymore. In that way, this place also a safe place for us.

“That’s because there’s nothing to be nervous about, hyung.” Ji responds.

“Yeah, it’s a beautiful project we worked very hard on. Be proud!” Youngbae adds and Dae puts his hand on my shoulder.

“I know…” 1 minute left…

This is it, isn’t it? I am proud. We’ll do something useful here, something that matters. My heart is still beating like mad however. It’s the end of a chapter in my life, in our lives. A huge chapter. We’ve accomplished so much by almost losing everything. And I feel grateful, funny enough. Grateful that I’m free, healthy and that I’m able to help others now. But I feel empty as well, although I know that it’s just a temporary feeling. I need to let everything go and it scares me. Perhaps I should write this story down, it will make me feel better, I think. Others might learn from it as well.

There’s cheering outside and the governor walks towards the closed door, slowly. Dae’s hand is still on my shoulder and I can feel his heartbeat. It’s normal, like nothing is happening. He turns his head towards me and smiles. This is it.

And then the doors open.

A/N: wow, it’s finished… This story took me 3 years to write… okay, I feel very strange now…
First of all, I want to thank you for your support, comments, votes, polls,… I’m grateful and still surprised anyone likes this story. I initially wanted to write a very short story, based on the monster MV and a weird mind twist of mine. Oh well,… The story’s almost 100 pages long in Word (oops).
Secondly, if you like fanfiction but you’re not writing one, give it a thought. There’s never enough fanfiction. It’s a great hobby and it doesn’t matter if English isn’t your native language. I’ve learned a lot over the years, just by writing. So why won’t you give it a try?
I will continue writing, kpop fanfics and non-kpop fanfics (I’m on fanfiction.net, LJ, AO3, etc. as well). Mostly shorter stories I think (but I can never be sure, can I?)…
And I’m always here if you guys want to chat or something like that. o(^u^)o
See you!


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