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Keeping the closet door closed [Chapter 3]

He looked up and saw tears leaving his hyung’s eyes. He had his free hand in front of his mouth, trying to keep the sobs inside.

“Seu- s-s-so-“ He tried to talk, but he couldn’t. Seungri was surprised by his next action. Jiyong practically fell into his arms and put his head in-between Seungri’s neck and shoulder, hands grabbing at the back of his shirt while silent sobs left Jiyong’s body.


Seungri stood there, in shock, while his shoulder was getting wet because of the tears. He didn’t know what to do. Jiyong never cried in front of him before, let alone break down. The only thing he could think of doing, was to put his hands on his hyung’s back and gently pat him. His hyung tried to say something, or at least Seungri thought he did. He wasn’t sure. The patting and hugging continued for a few minutes until his hyung seemed to calm down.

“Hyung?” He tried again while gently pushing Jiyong out of the hug, hoping he’d start talking. The crying stopped but he was still hiccupping slightly.

“Hyung, are you okay?” He whispered.

“I-I’m sorry…” Jiyong mumbled while looking at the ground. He was clearly ashamed of either crying or acting like a total dick earlier, Seungri couldn’t be sure. Not that it mattered now. Clearly something bad has happened. Jiyong dried the remaining tear tracks with his sleeve and turned around.

“I’ll leave you alone now…”

“What? No!” Seungri was confused. His hyung didn’t need to leave, he needed help.

“Please hyung, stay! I don’t want you to be alone right now!” He contemplated stopping his hyung by grabbing his arm. But those arms were sore and his hyung could miss any kind of physical pain right now. He was sure his hyung would just leave while he could. But he didn’t. He just stood there, his back facing Seungri.

“Please, let’s just… sit down, okay? You need rest, your knee and arms… please…” He whispered this time, afraid that the sound of his voice would make his hyung run away. But again, he didn’t. instead he turned his head to the side so half of his face was visible to Seungri.


He could see Seungri walking towards the bed and sit down on the side of it. He patted the bed next to him, encouraging him to sit down as well. Jiyong sighed, but sat down next to him anyway. He knew he couldn’t run away again. He wasn’t in any condition to do so. Everything hurt and he was getting exhausted. Not to mention he’d be fired if he went missing.

He also knew Seungri and the rest would want answers and he wasn’t ready for that. But he couldn’t just say nothing at all. He’d just leave certain stuff out, yeah, that could work. Seungri deserved some answers. They sat like that for a few moments, until Seungri couldn’t handle the silence any longer.

“So, will you tell me what happened?” Seungri was predictable that way. This was normally something that Jiyong was quite happy about. He’d know what Seungri wanted to eat, before he knew himself, but also how he would act on some talk show. Well, it was useful in the past, when Seungri acted before thinking. Now, Seungri was more the manager of the whole group, the one to make a tense situation less tense.

“Hyung?” Jiyong noticed he wondered off. Seungri looked kind of anxious, worried that he’d be mad for pushing.

“I-Well-umm” He started, noticing that he indeed wanted to tell Seungri something, but he found it hard to say anything, not to mention his throat kind of hurt after the ridiculous hard day. Seungri’s been there for him for years now, whenever times got rough. Jiyong new he deserved to know, but he simple couldn’t tell him.

“Sorry…” He scratched his head, embarrassment most certainly showing on his face.

“No, just relax and start whenever you’re ready to start where you want to.” Could Seungri become any cuter? Cuter? He knew he was lying to himself when he thought Seungri wasn’t cute. But he startled himself by that thought. Why was he thinking about stuff like this now? It really wasn’t the time to do so. Perhaps it’s just because he was tired. What Seungri did next however startled him even more. Seungri managed to gently grab his hand and put it in his. Jiyong took back his hand in a matter of seconds. He knew it was just a gesture of kindness, but still.

“Hyung?” Seungri tried again, confused by a nervous Jiyong.

“Sorry… I-I just, I’m afraid you’d hurt my arm, that’s all.” If there was a prize for lamest excuse ever, Jiyong would be the obvious winner. Seungri’s expression told him he wasn’t buying it either, but he never mentioned it.

“Hyung… Are you deflecting?” Seungri asked in all honesty, clearly done with all the evasive crap Jiyong pulled.

“No! No… I-“ He sighed. It was now or never.

“I was stupid... Remember I was working on that new track?” Seungri nodded.

“Well, I promised the boss I’d send it to him yesterday, but instead I…. I send him something else…” Now what? He couldn’t tell him the truth now, could he…

“Send him what?” Seungri encouraged him to continue.

“I- I might’ve send him a porn movie…” He barely whispered. He could feel himself getting as red as a tomato. In all his defense, he wasn’t really lying… Seungri’s eyes widened as soon as the words left his mouth. Jiyong could see the corners of his lips moving slightly upwards. Wait, was he laughing?

“You think this is funny?!” He nearly growled, getting upset again. This wasn’t funny, his whole life almost fell apart today. Seungri’s face fell immediately.

“No, hyung, no!! I don’t, I just… Well it’s weird. I did that before, remember. The boss thought it was funny. Why would he be mad about that?” Jiyong got up, trying to end the conversation. He had enough. Any more and he might say something he doesn’t want to tell.

“I don’t know, okay. I don’t get it either…” He lied while looking back at Seungri, still sitting on the bed. Perhaps this way he’d believe him. But he didn’t.

“What are you not telling me, hyung?” He asked skeptically. He had to get out of the room, this was getting dangerous.

“That’s it! Why are you questioning me?!” Jiyong felt himself getting angry. It wasn’t aimed at Seungri, not really. He knew he wouldn’t believe this either if someone told him.

“Sorry, I’m not hyung… It’s just… weird okay?” Seungri put his hands up in defense, speaking more quietly. Jiyong just sighed while walking towards the door, planning to leave the bedroom and Seungri for a while. At least ‘till he could figure the rest of the story out.

“I… know, don’t worry.” He tried to make Seungri feel at ease. It’s not his fault. He took the doorknob in his right hand, ready to go, when he heard Seungri talk again.

“It’s strange that boss got angry over a mere porn movie.” Jiyong agreed with him, knowing that this was, if fact a lie. He opened the door, but found something he didn’t expect standing on the other end of it. Seunghyun.

“That’s because he didn’t.” He said in his deep voice, his face held no expression. Jiyong could feel the adrenaline rushing through his body again. He looked down and saw a laptop resting in his hyung’s left hand.

And he suddenly realized with great fear, that he didn’t just send that email to his boss, but to Taeyang and Seunghyun as well.


A/N: whoos, another chapter. It’s short, this one. I know. Only 1 or 2 chapters left. I wonder what will happen (even though I’m the writer)… Kidding!

Thank you for reading again and for those lovely comments!

Jaa ne ^^


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